Suez and Panama Canal issues continue

Global shipping disruption is set to continue as both the Suez and Panama canals experience serious issues. Many vessels have been diverted away from the Panama canal to the Suez canal in the past weeks due to a drought causing a lack of water supply to operate the lock systems.

Last week, the Maersk Gibraltar, a container ship operated by Maersk was attacked using a drone off the coast of Yemen, despite there being no damage to the vessel that has led to vessels being diverted around the Cape of Good Hope due to the dangers of passing through the Red Sea. Two carriers have now announced they will halt all services through the Red sea and others have started to divert specific vessels. We expect extended transit times and potentially higher costs so we recommend you consider this when planning your supply chain.

We will update you with any changes to your bookings on a case by case basis. Additional information regarding this is available via the below news links.

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